Alberto Lapenna and Teresa Giannico are a Milan-based creative duo joined from the need to combine their artistic experiences in painting and photography.
Both have their own personal artistic careers but have collaborated on special projects for about a year.
They work cross-industry in categories as divergent as fashion, social issues, food, and advertising.

"Neighborhood" is an artistic project inspired by the Fall/Winter 2013 collections of various designers and born from the desire to create a counterpoint between the glossy glamour and the roughness of paper.
It was developed through stop-motion which tells about events in six different adjoining rooms. Every room is a diorama entirely built by hand, like clothes drawn in every detail. Burrs and roughness of the paper are highlighted and every detail has extreme significance within the narrative of the story.
The succession of interiors appears as a precise aesthetic, and each communicates with the next through the intrusion of small disturbing elements.
The project is a chimera of mixed media incorporating photography, dioramas, fashion illustration, and animation, the relationship among them resembling similar to a circuit connecting the world of fashion contrasted with outside elements in order to add another, tactile dimension.