a poetry by Glenn O'Brien

Have you got any change? 

Spare change?

Change of life?  Change of wife?

Got any strange change?  Got symptoms?

Any changes in your stool or urine?

Mood change?  Sex change?  Social change?

I like the chance of change.

Change your luck you might want to 

Change your clothes. Change your bed.

When the politicians talk change

You know it’s the same old same old

Chump change.

Not a revolution but a rearrange.

There’s a town in Nepal called Change.

In the Himalayas on the rhododendron trail.

They grow their own tobacco there.

It’s good for you!

And they roll their own in Change.

If you want change.

You’ve got to roll your own.

Hey, I’ve got an idea.

Let’s change the lightbulbs.

Into tulips.

Ghandi said “be the change you want to see.”

If you want to change the channel

First you got to change the TV.

Change the record.

Change your skin.

Change your losses into a win.

Change the odds, change your name.

Change change until its

All the same.

Have you got any change?