I D O L I Z E is a new and alternative media model, directed by founder Silvia Mella. A socially conscious platform that develops the next generation’s cultural, emotional and visual experience of fashion, design, art, music and entertainment. Our goal is to cultivates talent media industry for art, fashion and design, attracting customers that are interested in the creative worlds and who find their inspiration through a print, online, and event driven platforms.

I D O L I Z E delivers a solution that speaks to all three tiers, through a bi-annual printed art book, daily online content, and a touring exhibitions and event series.  

We don't represent artists, we work with them on the creative side and we present the final pieces to the collectors and media.



Media is an over-saturated market. I D O L I Z E is a new media model that strikes a cord with current popular, creative and business trends in art, fashion, design and style. For the first time we will introduce a complete advertorial and advertising package to advertisers of
fashion and lifestyle brands. I D O L I Z E will go full-circle with high fashion print, an online digitalized magazine, e-commerce of limited

edition prints and exhibitions. Print I D O L I Z E will create and distribute a cutting-edge, unique, and collectable product in the form of large posters in a box.

This is what we refer to as the “couture” of print publishing.

The poster box will be distributed to select newsstands and special locations throughout the world. The size of the magazine, the high
quality of the paper, and the specially selected contributors give I D O L I Z E its surplus value.
There are no direct competitors, since I D O L I Z E is the sole publication on the market that offers an alternative prospective of the piece of paper. It is not merely an object to convey information but instead has be repurposed as a unique aspect of the I D O L I Z E experience.